Fix Ultimates?

I think about this because there are a couple of ultimates that can be suddenly stop and do nothing, and that can be really painfull.
The first is Violet, the one who is able to shield your whole team with her ultimate, but if the ultimate is activated right before you are going to get hit by an basic attack or an enemy skill, she suddenly stops and do nothing. and you end up wasting your whole energy bar just to do a little jump back.
Another one is Mike, who can also get stop and deals no damage if he gets hit right after he use his ultimate, again losing all the energy and doing nothing.
I think there should be some way to fix this, for example, if zurg uses his ultimate and get stop (by a hit or a cc) he still had his energy bar almost full.

So. there should be some way to improve this. for example, making the hero unstopable at the time it cast the ultimate (Unstopable against damage, still stops if the hero get cc or dead). or maybe refill some of the energy if the ultimate got canceled for any motive.

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agree with the author. I want to add that the developers are so blind and just do not see the obvious things. They are still on the balance of the characters, they will continue to create heroes, but they do not speak about the balance of these same heroes … I am generally silent about the outdated and ridiculous mechanics of combat (the weak team is filled with energy, five stars, the hero can lose the hero who has only two stars, bravo co-owners! I very much regret that I spent time, money on this useless game.

Skill interruptions are an intended quirk of the game. Making all heroes invulnerable during Specials sounds like a surefire way to break the game, imo. Enemies in CW, for example, retain their energy bars. So, if you lose to a Zurg team … you’ll probably instantly lose to it again if you weren’t careful.

This game is still pretty new & hero balances seem to come in the patch notes of every MAJOR game update (1.1). We’ve had a grand total of 1 so far, with the next one (1.2) due soon. There are also a number of factors that would lead 5* heroes/teams to lose to 2-4* heroes/teams. So, while it could possibly be due hero imbalances … those very same issues could just as easily be caused by factors such as RNG staggers/crits, team synergy & compositions (ie: Scare/Study meta, Extra Damage inflicted vs CC’ed opponents, etc), skill level, promotion level, badges & badge enhancements, energy gain, conservation, armor/reality, etc.

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