For Polaris and everyone with gold hoarding. And silences

@Polaris, I heard on the update you started with Gold hoarding, players think now it’s hard to level up and get gold or whatever, so Polaris, can’t you do something like earn double gold? Cause no one in this game wants to see you being like this and doing good hoarding, it is seeming that you are doing what is wrong for players we don’t want gold hoarding, we just want what we need. Because imagine if there was another game doing it Polaris, because let’s say roblox has gold hoarding with robux. I just hope you can remove the gold hoarding for your players, I have tried to help these people. - maybe not but I hope you can see what’s wrong Polaris! Or Perblue or whatever. Now another thing. Silencing. I seen people spamming and people reporting them to get them silenced cause they annoyed them. It’s easy, cause I seen ScarFace_Tony’s Review and your agents silenced him all because he said shut up knight. No reason to do that, and also Polaris, I hope you can give him another chance, and Tony, next time, if a player becomes rude to you, block and report them instead of saying shut up.

@Scarface_Tony please block knight next time (; so you don’t get silenced.

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Aka @Scarface_Tony_II

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