For the love of god, be gone Sally!

Okay guys, its seriously time to stop putting an overpowered Sally in EVERY SINGLE FRIEND CAMPAIGN FIGHT.

Give us a healer in every campaign if you’re gonna match us against these ridiculous damage dealers.

Also, who thought Pan and Hook in the same 3-fight chapter was a fair idea? Good lord.

If they are rediculous damage dealers, then healers won’t do anything other than fail to keep everybody alive from too much damage & lower your damage even further. You should try upgrading the heroes you know are in the campaign.

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Looks like you didn’t play on newest friend campaign with Sally which owns red skill.

And it’s ridicuous! A ton of damage which she deal is annoying and also from nowhere she appear on almost each fight, and often in 2 waves.

Oh you’re screwed for now then, you need to have your heroes that are in the friendship campaign all nearly maxed out.

Indeed well let’s see what surprise they have for us in the 1.15 Patch notes in… Friday dec. 13, i guess?

I definitely agree. Her red skill is too OP. She can wipe all of your heroes in an instant.

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