Fortify bleh contest

Server 24 up above
Server 1 down below

@Loutre these numbers can’t be correct especially not for 24 how is anyone supposed to reach that on your newest server? Not many people have made it into challengers yet and ways to get diamonds have yet to increase while contests continue to spike in diamonds


@Loutre shouldn’t this be helga not fozzie?


Last i checked helga is contest reward and fozzie is guild crate

Yup, it’s being fixed!


You say all of the economy is being looked at does that include diamonds? Which continue to skyrocket at a high pace while not increasing anywhere

Unless Loutre says otherwise, my belief is that every server gets practically the same amount of diamonds.

But to be honest, needing all 3 weeks of challengers diamonds hoarded in order to pass that requirement is atrocious and awful game design.
And I dread to think about the contest in 2 months where one will be only able to use diamonds from weeks 1, 2 and 3 (because with the current contest we are at 1st week, next will be with the 4th week and the one in 2 months will be on 3rd week).

If it were just halved to roughly 5,000-6,000 diamonds, I would call that OK. But anything above 10,000 is just painful garbage.


No doubt about that daily deals don’t give more diamonds server too server nor does coli or arena all servers get same amount

So will these prize wall tokens carry over to the new prize wall @Loutre since the current prize wall ends same day as the overall contest does

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As Loutre said in the other topic, the team will likely just prolong the Prize Wall by one more day.

They simply want people to buy more diamonds with money. ftn is for spenders only at this point, I’m completely ftp and can’t get 1M that easily have to hoard a lot and nothing is worth spending diamonds imo, only the get more stamina event seems reasonable everything else is plain garbage.

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FTN is a really great contest, it’s the only one which actually gives good rewards, just by doing something what I would do anyway!


Yes, but it would be much better IF it was like other contest.

Not “spend” XY stamina and diamonds but “earn”. Both would be a game changer in terms of people using resources most likely. Plus it won’t matter for spenders, since they would still win the contest anyway. @Loutre maybe the team can think about this? Earn like 40,000 stamina over 6 days and like 1800 diamonds? Also would prevent hoarding that the team wanted to actively fight against?

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