Fortify the Network Contest(s) Generic Feedback

I feel like Fortify the Network Contests deserve its own Feedback Topic.

First things first, I want to summarize the pointing system and its pros and cons.

  1. Diamonds - what is commonly repeated by players is that the points get lower while the diamonds income does not change. I have to agree with this. As a person with accounts in more servers, I barely feel like being able to complete this part of the contest here DESPITE HARDLY EVER SPENDING DIAMONDS THERE. The only things I spent diamonds on in Mega Mart are Stamina Cost Refreshes and Trial/Port Resets (Not Ports anymore though and likely won´t on Trial resets either soon).

Helpful solution - a) do not raise “Diamonds” part of the contest and actually settle it the same on each server (except 23 and 24, those do not have Challenger tiers yet, OTHERS DO THOUGH and that should be reflected in the same possibilities). Server 22´s version of contest is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar easier to complete than Server 1´s version due to the same Diamond Income.

  1. Stamina - nothing big to say here, it correlates with you guys in PB raising the stamina gained in Free Stamina and Get More Stamina buys.

What is an issue is rather the “generated” stamina cap (which is dangerously close to Free Stamina bonus give - 2265 vs 1550, will change to 2290 vs 1650) and what I call “soft” cap (which is the amount of Stamina one can hold until not being able to add any via stamina consumables or Get More Stamina buys).

That also hinders completion of one Daily Quest, since it actively asks you to use Get More Stamina, but the cap prevents you from doing so. Not to mention, hoarding Stamina is the only way to get the Stamina part of the contest done and the “soft” cap is raising by 1000 each cap.
Free Stamina increase is 100 per “time”. There are 3 times a day Free Stamina is given - which makes for 300 a day increase.

But that means Free Stamina increase outdoes “soft” cap increase in less than 3.5 days. While there are 28 days between cap raises. That is not even 1/8 of the whole time.

Solution to this part: Change the “generating” cap for the whole game to be at the very least 100 per level. Therefore a level 255 player can get a maximum of 25,500 stamina to be generated over time (instead of 2,290). Change VIP 16 perk of “500 Extra Stamina Storage” to “+10% Extra Stamina Storage”. Thus a VIP 16 lvl 255 player would have a “generating” maximum of 28,050 stamina.

“Soft” cap: This is a real pain, but I´d imagine starting the increases with a 28 day amount of worth of free stamina gain instead of a 3.5 day one would be a great start.
Therefore, after Y4 (which will naturally have a 45,000 “soft” cap instead of 44,000 “soft” cap for Y3 cap) it would not be 46,000 for Y5 but instead… 45,000 + 300 x 28 = 53,400.

Although, overall it would be best if the “soft” cap was rather 28 day worth of free stamina aka 1650x3x28 = 138,600 stamina for Y4 rank

Anyone with a different vision or solutions is welcome to discuss. :slight_smile:


Also, just to mention @Loutre isn´t the team having trouble figuring out the badge tokens amount for contests? Because I´d surely think there is an “0” missing at the end - since Invasion gives about that throughout the week and 20,000 buys barely… anything.

The other resources are spot on though… more or less.


Totally agree.
Diamonds should be static. There is no additional way for any specific server (especially the oldest ones) to get more diamonds.

Stamina can scale based on the server’s max rank.

It’s basic. FtN is every three weeks and the only thing that changes is the stamina (slightly) and the rewards.


6 day FTN contests every three weeks are awful. We can’t hoard stamina or diamonds for it and unless you’re willing to drop $500 a week, there’s no point in trying to compete in any of these contests.


Yes diamonds don’t ever increase on servers deals/coli/arena but yet every fortify it takes more and more diamonds to max out that point category which if you want to continue to scale then diamonds need to scale up also in deals and coli/arena daily


That could have been outdone by making stamina worth like 1/100 of a point after 1M while Diamonds would still have like 30 points per one or more.

It´s all due to people buying out lots of stamina, people don´t usually buy deals to get diamonds quickly.

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I agree with what said above, I would also say this…

1.There should be only one type of fortify contest and no other hidden variations of it.Would be nice if fortify include an infinite amount of something else too like gold spend or maybe add guild influence generated to it as well.

  1. It’s time to stop having the stamania buy be the same for all diamonds spent for stamania buys. If on server two for example, the initial 50 diamonds buys are good for 774 stamania; then the 100 diamonds should be 1,548 stamania; and 200 diamonds should be 3,096.

  2. If not going to increase the score system , then at least give out guild perks that would give a percentage increase to score for guild members or give out more stamania and gems for logins. I don’t get how hard is it to increase guild perks that already exist? Game costs being too high and lack of new guild perks are the most complained about items I see on forums, and it is by far the thing perblue seems to not care to implement the most.

We need more yang for how ying keeps increasing. It needs to be more balanced for sure.


This isn’t necessarily fortify the network related, but can we pls stop getting Swedish Chef chips as a reward?

I think it’s time that he was cycled out of contest rewards and someone else is added. Maybe Bunsen & Beaker or Barley if they want it to be an older exclusive character.


Yea maybe instead of making new toons for the crates which they said they don’t want to do and they want to keep them longer, they can rotate where each of the exclusive ones are located for a while. So maybe after two months contest one can be city watch crates, city watch can be coliseum crates, coliseum can be contest, etc.


Also maybe just stop the 6 day contest


A better question is why offer multiple stamina deals that cost diamonds that all expire before the contest starts.

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