Fortify the Network in Server 1

I know the purpose of the FTN contest is to collect money from the players, but honestly, I think the scoring system particularly in server 1 is too much. 1 stamina equals 1 point? Seriously? I know the first ones you use give you 8, but I still think it is exagerated. 3 weeks saving stamina for contest and still cant reach the million. It has become imposible to complete unless you spend money in every contest. Either upgrading the point system or distancing more the contest (not every 3 weeks) would help, dont you think?


I would bitterly accept the raise in stamina and getting less points with it. What I don´t understand is why PB devs keep raising the bar for diamonds.

It´s the time the devs have to understand it. Nor is the average higher now. Besides there are still players that start anew and barely getting to the first progress reward is not a good sign for them.

So, I would say. Keep the diamond scoring the same across all the servers. Change the stamina scoring if you need to, but keep in mind new players earn at most 3500-3600 stamina (as they don´t have a 1000 stamina cap, but around 150 which is filled in NO TIME).


Probably the reason for the higher cost requirement to reach 1m is the same as the reason why it’s more difficult to achieve each level of rank rewards.

Less active server with less people = higher proportion of spending players in relation to the population (since those are usually the dedicated ones who remain).

The points requirements are catered to them, so if a higher percentage of the server is buying diamonds, the points that diamonds award will be less. And because the competitive population is made up of so many spenders, beating a certain % of them to achieve rank rewards also becomes harder.



The contest rewards should NEVER and I repeat NEVER BE DEPENDENT on the what is the “expected rank distribution”.
If it was meant to be given the vast majority of the players you need to set up the requirements realistically!


I just moved to server 1 and it is terrible. This contest’s rewards and score system. I reached 1.1M point and in top 5%. Can you guys believe it???

I bought stamina deals because I didnt save up stamina for this contest. I will save up starting from this week but If it isnt enough, I will stop saving for this stupid contest

You guys had to merge servers because of low population. And still, you guys havent known what is wrong???

I never ask for my server to be merged and now I’m gonna be punished because of how slopply you guys do your job??? No wonder people quit


Afterall that was why the servers merged in the first place.
Devs thought we were getting too much rewards apparently.
All the contests need a change in the ranks tbh. And rewards adjustment.

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1stam for 1 point?

Wow that is really sad.

This game getting more and more worse on all servers, and pb changing nothing, they don’t even care, except for their new heros…

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S16 was similar, though slightly better by the bonuses
1 stam = 1pt for the unrestricted category. 1 stam = 12pt for the bonus
diamonds were 1 = 30/59 respectively

Top progress tier = 1M

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Amen. It’s even worse when Apple users can only earn free gems other then the daily videos and checkins (which should increase in my opinion , maybe based on vip level starting with 10) through theorem surveys and even those haven’t worked for over a month for me and others (always says someone ate all the surveys). PB hire this player as a consultant to you guys because @Numi_S1 is spot on. Please start listening to us and not your “staticians ”.

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The idea is not to make the million points easy but accessible. Saving stamina and diamonds for 3 weeks and not being enough is too much.

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Personally 1M should be exactly how much stamina and diamonds you get in 3 days.
And that ain’t much.
Any other stamina could then count for 1 point while every other Diamond could then count for 10 points. Not really giving a damn on post-1M point system.

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