Forumer of the Year 2020 - VOTE

What about add a second poll with the missed names, and anyone that wants to change their vote for one of them instead can vote in that poll and must declare their vote in the original poll void


Good idea. It will be hard to keep track and tally up votes since I have it so that it does not share who voted, but I will do that.

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Forumer of the Year (Missing Names)
  • Kayla
  • Winter-Soul
  • Cocoa King

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And remember to clarify who you need to get a vote taken away from in the main poll if you already voted in that one

Maybe pm @Imagineer_V if you don’t want to say here

And yes I did this in blue to make sure you read it, hey it worked :joy:


I messed up that one a bit too. Not my day today lol, but yes do what Black_Widow said.

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Or else! Maybe I’ll call the Executioner!

Most of you won’t get that joke (it’s old, really old)

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Yeah a lot of people aren’t there

visible confusion

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I mean a lot of people aren’t in the poll

Because they were not nominated :expressionless:


When exactly does the voting close?

That I did not decide.

Maybe after 72 hours?? Or is that too long?

I will not be able to close it until Sunday most likely. Saturdays are busy for me

It’d probably depend on how many more votes are put in from here on out. Because I imagine a good majority of the more frequent users have already voted, so I don’t know how many more votes there will be.

Why did stitch leave?

Iirc, it was due to real-life stuff.

Is it safe to assume by now that the poll can be closed? The number of voters hasn’t really changed for a while now. Or should we just go ahead and wait until Sunday?

I am going this way just in case


I voted in this without thinking. Please don’t count my vote.

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