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2 years

2 years.


Its incredible how big the community is here, although people have not fully agreed on everything, and people have left. Its amazing how this community continues to grow bigger and bigger. I have checked many other forums and none have such nice and welcoming people and as dedicated.

In this post I plan on going over some bigger things that have happened in the forums history, so let’s start the trip down memory lane.

Feb '18

Forum’s first (public) post

Mar '18
First major update

Apr '18
Musketeer joined the forum

May '18
Musketeer’s first post

DHBM is launched globally!

Full zootopia team strategy guide was created!

Jun '18
DroneIX’s first post :sweat_smile:

Jul '18

TherMasterStitch joined the forums

Aug '18
David’s first post!

Kinokan’s first post!

Sep '18

Oct '18
Silver Bullet’s first post!

Disney_Doge joins the forums

Nov '18

Dec '18


Jan '19
Quorra nerfed/Gold cost increase

Feb '19
TherMasterStitch’s first post!

[How can I celebrate my avatar, borders, skills, on discourse was created!]
(How can I celebrate my Avatar, Borders & skills on discourse?)

Mar '19
K-y-a’s first post!

Unlikely Character Concept topic is created!

Grammatical Error Found topic created

Kinokan creates a concept of Champion David, inspiring several other forumers to do the same!
Black_Widows first post!

Apr '19
Chronological character release guide was created!

Making Superheroes! :D topic created

May ‘19

Badge Origins is released!

DHBM’s First Anniversary

Kinokan posts a topic saying goodbye to the forum

Discobot fun was created!

Jun '19

LetsGetDangerousBro’s first post

[Retro_84’s first post]
(Wreck-It Ralph fix)

Kim Possible is confirmed; Players’ desire for KP starts

Happy Stitch Day (Stitch appreciation) post was created!

Jul '19

Aurora_Veil releases her first hero guide

Aug '19
Behind the story story was created!

Concept Creation Contest announced!

Sep '19

Disney Elimination Game created

DHBM Photo Gallery created!

Halloween contest was announced!

I_think_me (an alt account) leaks the private version of the Forum Guardians story from a PM

The public version of the Forum Guardians story is released!

The veil of Auroras guide collection was created!

Oct '19

Forum members topic created!

OFFICIAL Regulars lounge was created!

Nov '19
Queen_Kate’s final post

Forum guardians a history was created!

First Live Chat - Q&A

Dec '19
Disney heroes: Infection story was created!

Disney’s last hope story was created!

DHBM Contagious Time created!


Jan '20

Feb '20
IAmSpongeYo joined the forums

The second chapter of the Forum Guardians story is released!

2nd Live Chat - Q&A

Mar '20
Don’t just fly SOAR contest was announced!

3rd Live Chat - Q&A (hero edition)

April '20
Fan-fiction of Forum Guardians story created

A very special thanks to the regulars who helped make this possible. This post will be taken down every once in a while so we can update it.

Thank you! Happy birthday DHBM!!!
The forums would be nothing without you helping.


Wait… one year or both?

Yikes, I forgot its 2020.

Thank you. Now…


Only one person can edit at a time. We must keep that in mind.

Hmm, :thinking:

This post is basically just a HUGE advertising plaza.


Also, can you change the title to Forums 2020


I forgot to add Badge Origins lol

Yeah, sorry about that lol

Oooh only a few select people can see the Forum Guardians one!


Speaking of which I need to finish the next update…

Yeah. Might wanna remove that

  1. I removed all unavailable links
  2. Kayla when do you plan on releasing this?

I was actually keeping the unavailable links. For the people who are in the chats so i will add them back.

I do not have a certain time I want to realise it. But once I do we are can’t edit it. But I guess I could put it back in the lounge category.


But then people would know of it’s existence and then people would spam to get in the FG and Lounge, you know?

I doubt people will, almost everyone knows that FG is not looking for new people.

And if people really want a lounge they just need to get regular rank. The other lounge is different.


That was Queen Kate…?

What was queenkate?

I thought you knew her. Guess not. She was a Forumer who left. Great person.

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I am very confused…
I did somewhat know her. What’s the point lol

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