Frankenweenie (Tim Burton concept #1)

Sparky hero concept
the adorable dead dog sparky has arrived in the city so he can save the day again
Quote: ”Bark!”


Role: tank

Position: midline

Team: blue

Basic attack: bites baseball on the ground and throws it at the creeps, then a new baseball rolls next to him and he bites it and throws it again.

Entrance: tray covered with sheet with sparky under it is struck by lightning, his tail starts to wag and sparky gets up.

Defeat: starts to move slow and falls over and whines.

Victory: barks and jumps


White skill: sparky - saurus rex
Sparky runs off the screen and runs back on wearing his dinosaur costume. He runs through the creeps dealing Y damage to all of them twice (since he runs forward once and back to his spot once). When he reaches his spot he will shake off the costume sending it flying at all creeps dealing x.

Green skill: electric charge
Sparky prances up to a creep and rubs his nose on them dealing x and giving sparky a stack of charged. He is then shot back to his spot and shakes.

Blue skill: brave boy
The first time Sparky damages an enemy when he is below 50% Max HP, his attack speed is increased by 50% for 10 seconds, he gains 4 stacks of Hardy, and deals X more damage.

This is less effective when Sparky is above level X.

Purple skill: makeshift survival
The first time Sparky reaches 0 HP, he gets falls over and gets struck by lightning. He then awakes and heals himself for X HP. While Sparky does not have a Debuff or Disable, he becomes Berserk and can not fall below 1 HP.

Red skill: frankenweenie
When Sparky uses “electric charge”, he now steals 45% of each damaged enemy’s reality.

The reality steal has a chance to fail against enemies above level 200
+x attack speed
+x electric charge damage
+x health


Disk: fully electronic dog
All attacks used on sparky will be reversed
Allies: kermit, big bad wolf, sadness

Disk: thunder and lightning
When sparky reaches 50% health he will gain 30% more attack damage.
Allies: Mickey Mouse, Alice, greedo


Please post all feedback

Next concept coming are:

Corpse bride

Emily the corpse bride

The nightmare before Christmas 

The mayor
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And one as a surprise 

Nrhh hkrwvi

Did you have a stroke or are they hints?

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Now that’s funny.

10 c

Idk wether you got it or you are making a joke

If I’m right a person needs to take a nap to solve that one.

Confusion intensifies, also if it’s about that Youtube video or something it’s not

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