Free first yellow skill unlock

My main is on server 2 and my alt just got yellow rank ( server 18). On my main, we got a free yellow skill unlock for the first day. Is that no longer the case?

You mean battle badge?

It’s because of the bits, right? I thought they only gave free Control-role bits when it was released in S1

They gave us a free battle badge unlock for the first hero on server 2. It didn’t cost any bits and I used it on a tank so it wasn’t control only.

It should have :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I feel pretty sure that I had to pay the (rather trivial, really) price to unlock my first battle badge on S2; upgrading was free for the first badge I upgraded.


Ah that might have been the case. Ya know, I think you’re right. First one didn’t cost stamina to bump up.

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