Free to play, new player help

Hi all,

Just starting game. Think I focused on too much. Guess I’m wondering what would be the best arena team to focus on for now… The rest will follow I would say and can level as needed.

For example, city watch, what to focus on, atm it’s Jack Jack but other options are mike or violet

Challenge shop, Judy, wall e, buzz or frozone

Arena shop, judy, Jessie, or Aladdin

Surge shop. Was getting sully but unsure, choices are wall e, sully or moana

Elite mode shards. Was focusing on Vanellepope and Dash. Obviously other options there, like Yax, frozone, Ralph, finnick, elastigirl, Mr incredible,

Anyway any advice on what to focus on would be great. Will be free to play unless I decide to invest.

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Ok, let us take a look…

City Watch Shop
Both Mike and Jack-Jack are nice fantastic damage dealers, yet Mike has more HP and scaring, while Jack-Jack damages over time. Between those two I would choose Mike. Yet you also got Violet, whose supportive skills makes her team very hard to defeat. Of all three, I would take Violet.

Challenge Shop
Nothing to say here actually, it gets updated every week and has no specific characters. Just take chips of those you upgrade.

Arena Shop
Harder to say, all three may be useful. Aladdin has pretty good damage, Jessie has nice self-healing, bug Judy is not that risky as they are. Yoh see, Al and Jess have skills that include jumping right into the enemy team and striking everyone, but they also get thr enemy’s attention. Sorry, can’t be sure here.

Surge Shop
This introduces three good characters BTW. But the problem with Sulley is that he is useless against normal damage dealers like Jack Sparrow, Barbossa or Merida. When those are introduced to your server, Sulley will become your weak point. WALL-E is great at controlling enemies, while Moana has great self-healing. I would recommend choosing from those two, starting with Moana.

Elite Mode
Of all those you called Dash and Finnick are the best choice IMO. Dash deals some good damage, while Finnick slows down his foes. All other characters will get “better versions” in the future(Or now).
Vanellope and Elastigirl-those are not bad damagers, but some others are more powerful(Merida, Nick).
Ralph-well, almost any tank with the exception of Felix.
Frozone-all other freezers(WALL-E, Olaf, Elsa).
Mr. I-he has good HP, but nothing else. Shields(Bogo, Baymax) and self-healing/reviving(Sulley, Sally, Hades, Olaf, Goofy) are important for tanks. Oh, and Shank. She is just a tough one.

Well, that’s what I can say. Others can improve my words or add something, as we all have different strategies.


As far as arena team, i would suggest looking at the top teams in your arena and see what they are using. You can then build a similar team (usual) or build a team to counteract them. You can also see what teams your guildmates are using under the members tab as well as seeing the arena teams of the top ranked players on your server when you go in rankings. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

I started a new server, to begin again. How annoying, all the toons change you. Seems to run via different rules lol

City Watch

  • I would pick Violet. Her support kits are great. She shield a lot and does stun with Ralph disc. She gains energy really fast especially when damaged. I don’t use Jack-Jack cause his kits are lacking. It only does damage and burn-type damage. Not much control. Mike is alright, his scare is great for early gamers. But new heroes have better kits than him now so I don’t really use him.

Challenge Shop

  • I would go for WallE any change I got until I get him to 6*. He’s OP all round. His discs both are amazing. His kits can really uplift your team potential. Otherwise, Buzz.

Arena Shop

  • Go for Alladin. Jessie really needs rework. Judy is lacking compared to new Tanks.

Surge Shop

  • This is tough. I probably would go for both WallE and Moana if I could. But if you really need damage, then Moana for sure. Although, I still want WallE as well haha

Elite Campaign

  • Finnick all the way. Finnick is OP. High damage with slow control. Both discs are great.