Freedom of play or pay?

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I agree. I had like 32 Mega XP drinks and now have 4


I had 4000 now 3600 cant lvl up anymore. So good change for the lower players.

What i dont understand is lion king event, new hero tuesday will be the beast?

I agree that everyone should be free to choose their favorite characters rather than forced to invest new characters to stay competitive. Most of my favorite heroes are weak, i don’t even know how to use them. They are Felix, Buzz, Eve, just to name some. New heroes are outpacing old ones. Just put new heroes and watch them sweep the enemy team instantly, no strategies at all. It is frustrated when my prefered heroes destined in trash bin.


This game is pretty much pay to win now. The awards are hard to get. The deals aren’t even deals. But the game is still fun.

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its mostly pay to play but if you do use the surveys you can get vip’s fairly easy.

i also use google oppion rewards which gives me google play cash to spend on the game.

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