Friend campaign question?

On the Goofy/Jessie friend campaign(through the friend finder) it shows Wall-e and Felix as available, but if I start the mission it’s just Goofy and Jessie fighting. So my question is what does available mean?

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It means they’re used in later parts of their friendship campaign and in some Missions.


Chapter 1 is just the 2 primary heroes. Chapter 2-4 add one of the additional heroes to the original 2 (total of 3 heroes each chapter). Chapter 5-7 use the original 2 and 2/3 of the additional heroes in each chapter. Then Chapter 8 uses all 5. Every friendship campaign follows that, unless the friendship heroes aren’t available on your server yet. Those campaigns are usually nerfed because of that though.


Who’s the 3rd hero who’s available to help? I’m stuck on a chapter 2 node with a brute, and jessie’s yodel isn’t enough to take him out. Wondering if the 3rd hero will provide more fantastic damage.

First off, great name. Second, you don’t get any extra heroes till the later chapters, I think the first one you get help from is Wall-e.

Thanks, yours is awesome, too.

As Henline said above, you should get help from 1 of the additional heroes in chapters 2-4. If you didn’t, I’m guessing you’re also on a server where that hero isn’t available yet. In the friend finder, does it only show Wall-E and Felix as available to help?

Also, I guess you got through that node because you have jessie’s yodel skill pretty high?

You’re right, I didn’t have anyone else for that early. At the time I wrote that first post all I could see was wall-e and felix. I’m not sure if I got more than those 2 in the end and I have finished it all, so I can’t look it up. I think at the time I did it, I had Jesse at level 60 and probably had all her skills as high as that allowed.