Friend Land ideas

Hello everyone today Duck Hunt Duo has returned. And this time Yoshi will only have one role.



Role: Damage

Position: Front

Yoshi Yoshi

Trail Team: Red

Basic Attack: Punches three times

Entrance: simply walks

Victory: Jumps up with his hands in the air

Defeat: Falls then turns into a egg

Bottoms away: Yoshi Jump very high and slams down in the middle of Enemies, Knocking them back does X Damage.

Green skill: Egg roll: in each wave in battle, Yoshi transforms into a egg and rolls, doing damage to enemies.
Blue skill: Hit On the head: Yoshi Dodges a basic attack and slams his head to enemies and making them silence them for 8.0 seconds.

Silence has a chance to fall if enemies are higher than level X.
Purple skill: ride along: Yoshi does more damage to silence Enemies.

a dinosaur way: Yoshi gain more energy and boost up his Basic attack.

Hal and Bubbles:
Green is true color: When Yoshi is using Egg roll, Bottoms away, and ride along; Yoshi increase speed and reality.

Hal and Bubbles


Role: damage.

Position: Back

It not always easy having a long beck

Trail Team: Blue

Entrance: Falls down while holding Hal’s banjo and Bubbles Kazzo.

Victory: Plays Hal’s banjo and Bubbles Kazzo

Defeat: Falls and looks down lonely like.

White skill: Beck Slamer:

Passive:. When Hal and Bubbles are using their Basic attack Hal throws three types of firut and each one hit enemies depending how far enemies are.
Mango: front line
Pineapple: Back line
Watermelon: mid line (only thrown if Health is at 20%)

Active: Bubbles flys Hal in the middle of Enemies and Hal slams them with his beck, doing damage and stuns them for 7.0 seconds.

Stunning has a chance to fall if enemies are higher than level X.
Green skill: Burp-nado: Hal throws to Bubbles one of his candy that makes him Burp, Doing damage to all Enemies.
Blue skill: Anger in me: When Hal and Bubbles reaches at 50% of their health, Hal Bangs his chest like a gorilla, Boosting up their Basic attack, Speed reality and heals themselve.( This move can be use only once in each battle).
Purple skill: oh Banana: Hal and Bubbles squirts out a Banana and throws the peal in the battlefield, reducing Enemies speed and reality,

Reducing speed and reality has a chance to fall if enemies are higher than level X.


Anne Boonchuy:
Love at first sight: Hal and Bubbles reduces enemies basic attack and gain more energy.
Slinky Dog:
A birds best friend: Hal and Bubbles reduces
enemies Shield when using Burp-nado and Beck Slamer.

I hope you guys like those ideas. And don’t worry I only pick one at a time.

Yeah, I know, Hal’s picture isn’t what I thought either :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

So uhh, what do you guys think?

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