Friendship Campaigns after update?

After Patch 4.6, suddenly all the friendship Campaigns have gotten drastically more difficult. The starting level for each jumped up a lot, between 20 and 60 levels. Almost all of them are impossible for me to beat now without a lot of levelling.


I know right?!
Why is it not mentioned in patch update…?

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@Nugget @Loutre @Polaris
Any response to this?

Well, the majority of my Friend Campaigns (except for the Jasmine-Shank one…), were classified as “Hard”.
Still, I’ve managed to complete some fights in the Simba & Nala-Miguel Campaign, so there’s that.

I noticed the same thing!

@Loutre has a something changed? A feedback would be appreciated since friendship campaigns are the main reason I like to play the game…


Same here. I mentioned it in this post


@Loutre @Nugget any info?
I can’t even get past wave n°1 on most of my ongoing campaigns…


I mean, SERIOUSLY, these Friend Campaigns are just TOO difficult for most of us still stuck at the Orange Rank!

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With these, I can’t even…

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