Friendship level max

What is the max level of a friendship?
And what is unlocked on that level?
I have a sully and woody friendship level of 14 and can do a mission with a duration of 1day and 20h that requires 5 characters that gives memory tokens exp and disk power. What more can be unlocked in terms of friendships beyond this?

Max level is 15.
It unlocks best (quickest way) mission to farm memories.

How many times does it least and will it cost hero chips?

Each new friendship level, starting with 12, allows you to add a star to the friendship disk. When the friendship campaign is completed and the disk is unlocked, missions are the only way to upgrade the friendship. This can take a lot of time, depends on missions you choose. And yes, some of them cost hero chips.

Guys I would like to know how the beast and sulley’s friend level is raised. Mine is stuck at 7.

Do missions involving them two.

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