Friendship level requirements for new heroes

Is there a reason why all of the new heroes have their friendships only available for late game levels? If it’s to create difficulty for max level players, then just find an alternate way to scale them based on individual strength. Making them all able to only be activated 110+ or basically current level cap every time is a bit ridiculous. Especially considering there was a global lowering of such high requirements at one point to remedy this I thought. Do you only want friendships/memory disks to only be endgame content now?

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I know Perblue did once lower the level for unlocking friendship campaigns. I don’t remember all of the ones they lowered, but I am pretty sure they lowered the Pirates of the Caribbean characters friendship unlock levels, so hopefully they do it again for newer characters at this point as well :-).

I think the problem is that if you could begin the friend campaigns at a relatively low level when there is a high chance that you would already have at least one (and probably four) of the required characters at a much higher level, then pretty much all the challenge of the campaign is taken away and it becomes a virtual guarantee that you would walk through it. Where’s the fun in that?

I think the lv requirement to unlock friendship is too high as well. On server 12, we just have a new lv cap at lv 125, and the friendship lv for Mad Hatter - Rafiki is lv 124 @@ and Joy’s is lv 125 @@

I really hope they lower down these. The exp we need to lv up, is so high already. So, when will we have these discs? :frowning:

I haven’t had the chance to try these new friendship (the reason you already know) but the recent one with Goofy is disaster for me. And many complain about Duke Caboom’s as well

So no, I don’t think these challenges go away :frowning:

Not to mention one thing obvious that we don’t have that many extra resources to work on new heroes , so even if we unlock it, we’d still have a hard time completing it

Like I said, if the difficulty is the issue, then customize it to the player’s relative strength. They can make CW scale for the most part, so it shouldn’t be impossible to do.

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