From another dimension (Star Butterfly character concept)

Name: Star Butterfly

Quote: “Messy is fun, okay? My whole life is a giant mess, and I love it.”

Role: Damage

Position: Front

Team: Blue

Normal attack: Star hits the enemy with her wand

White Skill: Magic Beam
Star shoots out magic from her wand at the enemies, casting a spell on the enemies and damaging the enemies for a few seconds

Green Skill: Portal Transport
She creates two portals, the first her side and the second on the enemies’ side. Then she will cross the first to the second so she could attack the farthest enemies

Blue Skill: Metamorphosis
She will turn into a powerful butterfly version of herself (the form she turns to defeat Toffee) and shoots out the magic from her wand, dealing fantastic damage. Then turns back normal when finishing this skill

Purple Skill: The Underestimated
Star will increase her energy and attack speed after her “Metamorphosis” was used

Entrance: She will appear coming out of a portal that was formed when the battle starts

Defeat: Star will sadly leave the battlefield by making a portal to go inside and that portal will soon vanish when Star leaves

Victory: She will happily create a rainbow out of her wand, then shows it off, not noticing the rainbow is burning

Friends: Merlin and Vanellope

I know it’s a bad concept. But, that is so far the second concept I made so far, my first is being Arthur Pendragon. And more character concepts are coming by. And what other Disney characters I could make a concept about?


Is this a new series? A lot of videos about it appear in my YT feeds.

This concept is kinda bland. She damages the enemy. Nothing really new. For her to be any good, she’d have to be pure stat. There’s really nothing here to talk about, other than that.

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Good concept but would like green skill to be rainbow rocket or White to be top hat spider! Oh yeah narwhals

It ain’t new!

It’s better than some other Star concepts I’ve seen, but it could be more interesting both in appearance and execution.

I like the idea of using the Butterfly form and the the portal idea is cool but they kind of just seem to do damage, no other effects. Doesn’t make her very interesting or nuanced to play

I also think the generic “magic beam” could be her basic attack, and then her white could be one of her more distinct spells (Narwhal Blast, Spider with a Top Hat, Warnicorn Stampede, there are a lot of options).

Actually, now I think about it, I think personally I’d give the dimensional scissors portal ability to Marco (he IS the one with the scissors for most of the series, and dropping through a portal to attack seems more useful to a melee fighter), and then free up Star’s Green to give her another spell

Oh my god…

Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a very popular show. I get you, but why?

No this is very good concept but a few little touches are needed like the quote should be I am a magical princess from another dimension

Please don’t revive posts. (This is two years ago)

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