Full Zootopia Team: Strategy Guide

I only miss bogo and i get the full zootopia team.
In that moment they are very effective but with ralph they can’t play at 100% because he can’t absorbe too much damage, and when appenends, you know the end…
Especially with judy you need a strong frontline to protect her (i think she can synergize with EVE as well) and with ralph…meh :disappointed_relieved:
Anyway, in my opinion judy needs a health buff or a something else too incrase her survability, i want to say why the devs put on her that useless amout of health…balancing? For what, to balance her abilitys? Who she can’t use because she is always dead?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The newly added hero EVE actually pairs up pretty well with the Zootopia team, I usually switch her with Nick when I’m doing arena as Nick is a bit too slow for those quick fights. EVE syncs well with the rest of the Zootopia heroes because most of them apply disables which amplify her own abilities. :slight_smile:


Today i found mr.inc in the diamomd lootbox, i tried it with the rest of zootopia team in the city watch and surge and i’m bit surprise his sync with the team, especially with his abilitys and deputize/testify of judy :star_struck: with these combination mr.inc attacks are very strong but he lack in armor then if the enemys got much backline dps isn’t worth and it’s better switch to sulley or another more defensive tank :sunglasses:


Nice job! I like the medal system and that you address weaknesses and strengths. Interesting point about Nick’s ability ramping in City Watch—wish I’d grabbed him earlier!


Thanks for the compliment :slight_smile: And yes, Nick is very strong in City Watch especially once he has acquired 5 lemmings, he can nuke the weak heroes in the back right at the start of each fight from then on.

I’ve also changed the medal on Finnick’s armor from :medal_military: to :2nd_place_medal: because around lvl 40 or so, Finnick’s armor comes to a halt, and he gets more badges dedicated to skill power and energy regen. His armor then doesn’t compete too much with tanks anymore.

Will you add the friendship disk to this list when available?

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I will as soon as I get there, yes :slight_smile: Or, of course, if I find a website who has them outlined I can make an informed opinion as well.

Don’t go too far - http://dh.bezumn.ru/fr

Thanks to the both of you for the really helpful information!

I have added more information to the guide.

  • Added a new section on friendship disks for each hero
  • Updated my final verdict on some heroes (Judy finally got some love)

I currently have them all at 4 Stars, but the two tank meta team paired with Zurg is killing me.

P.S. how does her Felix Disk work exactly, does everyone on the team get the bonus? (does their own ‘basic damage’ get doubled/tripled/etc. etc. as the disk upgrades or does this only apply to the supports?)
Also wouldn’t the Bogo disk work a bit better, long term, giving her time to stay alive longer. I just have more questions than answers.

Surely you shouldn’t miss out this excellent writeup by DigitalSCT on reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/DisneyHeroesMobile/comments/8s2bz2/hero_writeups_and_team_comps_updated/

My own thoughts about zootopia heroes:

  • Judy - one of the best support heroes (only Woody cannot be surpassed), can boost literally any team. Both of her disks are helpful, for PvP I like Bogo’s disk more. The OP has the example of Judy+Violet+Yax buffing attack speed by 300%, but truth is this team is just not viable, because add a tank, and you’re down to 1 DPS, which is a path to nowhere after level 60.

  • Finnick - he’s a bad damage dealer, but a decent control hero. He’s mostly underrated, but can be used in a certain niche - slowing down burst teams. That’s why his Judy disk is a must, only remove energy utility can approve his usage. His Nick disk is meh, because his white skill still won’t do any good damage, and will only energize enemies faster.

  • Nick - a solid all-rounder that’s useful throughout anywhere. In City Watch - his white. In PvP - his charm. His disk should only be Yax’s one in PvP, because the charm is the key. Judy’s shield is totally meh, compared to Calhoun and Violet.

  • Yax - a must-have before level 50. After around 55 he’s literally useless. His heal becomes the worst, since it takes ages to activate, he’ll most likely be dead by that time. You have a choice of much better support heroes, and you don’t have the luxury to run more than 1 (2 is a big exception) supports in a team.

  • Chief Bogo - a solid tank, but you can easily live without him. Felix and Sulley provide better utility in my opinion. Still you can use him to protect off-tanks like Ralph and Mr Inc, and he’s helpful here. I like Mr Inc’s disk more.


This was very informal, I’ll review my options, and look at my current comp. Thank you AlexeiD.

I definitely agree with some of the points you make @AlexeiD, but keep in mind that this guide is written for a 100% Zootopia team. I wrote this guide to try and see if it’s possible to succeed with a full Zootopia team in Arena and other areas of the game. It just so happens to also give my personal insights on every hero.

  • Judy - About your statements regarding Judy, I did say you can possibly achieve a 300% attack boost, possibly even 400% but it was only hypothetical. When you run a full Zootopia team, Yax is the 2nd support and will boost her only to 200%.

  • Finnick - I agree with you here about Finnick, however, I feel that you’re underselling Finnick a little bit. His AoE (Area of Effect) slow can work wonders, and most of his badges after purple are geared toward increasing damage. He’s kind of like a Vanellope in some way. While his white skill animation takes a long time, the knockback and damage of it make a good dent in the enemy team. Especially in combination with a basic attack damage team, Finnick can help to slow down the enemy while Judy boosts her own team’s attack speed. This gives you a great advantage.

  • Nick - As I said in my guide as well, Nick is only really suited for City Watch but his charm can be a gamechanger in Arena. While his shield disc does seem quite weak, it does give him a lot of extra base health which is easily upgradeable through disk power.

  • Yax - Even if he might be ‘useless’ in your eyes after 55, he’s still used a lot. On top of that, this guide is written for a full Zootopia team and so he is a must in the team composition. His blue skill can be very handy as it is an AoE health debuff and his skill power is extremely high compared to other heroes. He can be seen as a classic Mage in RPG terms. Weak, but strong in skillpower. I still use him, as the more hits he gets, the sooner he also gets his energy up. So it’s a dangerous but viable trade.

  • Bogo - I disagree that you can live without him. While Felix seems strong, he is easily CC’ed and has no time to heal himself or anyone else. Bogo on the other hand can charge in right at the start of the game, stun someone for 5 seconds in the front and throw a flashbang to blind the rest. This excellent opening of the fight gives your team a quick lead in damage and energy gain. His high armor stat helps to also counter basic attack damage focused teams such as Dash + Calhoun for example. When you get his disk with Calhoun he can AoE his stun and also knock them back, making your first strike even more viable.


Thank you for the clarification.

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There are many influences that determine a spot in that ranking but if I have to make a decision it would be like this:

  1. Judy
  2. Yax
  3. Bogo
  4. Nick
  5. Finnick

Great guide! I just started the game this week and this shows me how much there realy is to do and lurn. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


Oh wow, you are insane player …
Nice guide …

Waiting for another one…


Thx for say that I can still using yax in my team, I have Rex and Wall-e, I would change for Bogo and Finnick, Thx Again


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