[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet (Part 1)

O - Olaf is a snowman

P - Princess collection

Q- Queen of Hearts KO’s berserk enemies

R-Red Chips are hard to get

S - @Spam_Police

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T-Tragic’s Chamber of Concepts

U - @uquq is an unusual name

V- very unusual names on the forums and in the game

W - Why is that?

X- @xabana

Y - @yaloolu19

Z- @Zwerg_Tigger_III

A - @KayIa

B- @bmonroed936

C - @Champion_David

Ok after this let’s stop @'ing

D- @Disney-Fan

One more

E - @Edenlight, can’t find anything else with E

F- @Slinky-Dog

G- Great, the next update is in 2 days

H- Hope Maximus is good

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