[Fun and Games!] Disney Heroes: Battle Mode's Alphabet (Part 1)

F- @Slinky-Dog

G- Great, the next update is in 2 days

H- Hope Maximus is good

I - I didn’t expect Maximus to be in the game, I was expecting someone better

J- Jungle Book characters perhaps


L- Let the next update be Kim-tasic.

M - More like Muppet or Ferbtastic update

N- New heroes please

O- oh yeah, i was watch the Muppets most wanted today. (i was done 5 mins ago)

P- Please let me know if I should watch it or not.

Q- Quite so. (Aka if u meant the Muppets most wanted then yes.)

R- Really, alright maybe I’ll watch it later.

S- so anyways. Kermit should be in this game.

T - True, very true. 100%

U- Up characters too

V- Vaurien_Stephane

W- We want Anna, Kermit, Kim, Up characters, Yesss, Fozzie, Piglet, and others.

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Y - Yup, we need them in the game

Z - Zootopia characters in the game, but no Up characters.

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