[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! The Meowvanion! (v7.0) (Part 1)

I’m perfectly fine :yawning_face:

I don’t :frowning:

Because why not :D

Clash royale dosen’t look like that anymore, lol

School is not work! Work is work… :confused::roll_eyes:

so you like them??

if so… you’re blessed :blush:

Oh my god, A CannonCart Level 10 Of Rarity Epic!!! We don’t see that COMing

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[Gives all my Genshin cards to Dash]

I have more cats than foxes in my house, if that tells you anything

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I’m banning rex is someone makes a post under this one

All CannonCarts are epic lol

Destroy the Emos!

bans rex

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I don’t know, lure started throwing sand at everyone and from there we started to respond

@TheCannonCart Is scary when angry

Dash, we talked about this. There shall be no banning one another.

cannon did it talk to him

WEIRDO…. Leave emo :unamused:

It only takes 1 well placed CannonCart to kite a pekka to it’s death
Replying to Musk image

I can’t see the image because of bad data lol

Pls Nerf The CannonCart

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