[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)


Darkwing Duck becomes invisible


Creep blows up


Umm. Don’t you think that is really mean? Also a new creep has not appeared yet.

I read the conc…never mind

New creep will appear soon…

tenor (6)

It will appear after “update” :wink:


Say hello to update 1.1!

  • Appreciation of the best Forum Heroes!
    • The name’s of best fighters will be written on the table to resemble their labour!
    • Only best five best fighters will be included on the table, you can find the table in the first post
    • The founder of the game won’t be included into Top 5
  • Power-Ups!

    • Time for the arrival of the most wanted!
    • Only the best forum heroes (Top 5) can use the power-ups
    • To activate one of the best heroes must create a poll with ‘‘Yes’’ and No’’ and suggested Power-Up to activate, when at least 5 people will agree (and pick ‘‘Yes’’) the power-up will be activated; everyone can take part of the polls
    • After use, the Power-Up can’t be used for the next 30 days
    • You can also a list of the Power-Ups on the first post, and check if there are available to use!
List of Power-Ups

Kim Possible - Removes on the creep 20 HP
Kermit - Deactivates the special rules
Don Karnage - Boost damage of all users by 50% for this round
Anna - Regulars deals 100% more damage in this round
Bolt - All posts now removes 3 HP for the next 1 hour

  • New creeps!
    • Starring the Purple Bug! – New creep has appeared!
    • Added final target - no. of the post which will kill the creep

(1229th post will kill the new creep)


Uses Kim Possible as the first attack

and the creep now have only 148 HP :ocean:

Throws books to the Creep

Captain Hook studies his map

shots a smoke bomb at the creep

angel charms creep

Miguel plays calming music

Judy knocbacks Creep

Mike rolls over the creep

Ducky and Bunny smash the creep with a hammer

The Big Bad Wolf knocks the creep
(The creep falls from high cliff!)

Yzma smashes the creep with a hammer

Lilo while dancing hula also knocks the creep
The creep has landed into the ocean and now is chased by a shark!

The shark belly flops onto the creep

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