[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Making skill pics is hard, somehow damages the creep

New concept coming soon, amazes and damages the creep

Two concepts to publish this week, it’s gonna be hard, somehow damages the creep

Mace Windu denies S&N the title of Master
Sneaky little concept advertisement

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The creep thought it was a rickroll and somehow damages itself

The creep liked this concept, which damages it

more advertising

Made my newest concept which damages the creep

I click the link

my only concept damages the creep

Dont worry, I think I'll make more concepts.

Joke’s on you. I’m using my laptop and can see where the link takes you:

The failed rickroll damages S&N

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Jokes on you, it wasn’t a rickroll. It was a stickroll

Oop, what was it?

Edit: I realised you changed your comment, It’s Henry Stickmin isn’t it?

S&N are confused

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S&N are damaged by my Disney Concept List

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S&N are wondering why I don’t have enough concepts

Spams a different concept

Aw man
You thought this is a rickroll huh?
All of this clicking damages the creep
Why we still here?
Just to suffer?
We’re no strangers to love
You know the rules
And so do I

Get distracted lol


S is mad at you for spamming, but N likes it, so they fight and damage themselves

The letter N and S damages the enemy

Very clever, I’m going off to cry now :sob:.

S&N are damaged by Henry Stickmin

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