[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Jokes on you, it wasn’t a rickroll. It was a stickroll

Oop, what was it?

Edit: I realised you changed your comment, It’s Henry Stickmin isn’t it?

S&N are confused

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S&N are damaged by my Disney Concept List

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S&N are wondering why I don’t have enough concepts

Spams a different concept

Aw man
You thought this is a rickroll huh?
All of this clicking damages the creep
Why we still here?
Just to suffer?
We’re no strangers to love
You know the rules
And so do I

Get distracted lol


S is mad at you for spamming, but N likes it, so they fight and damage themselves

The letter N and S damages the enemy

Very clever, I’m going off to cry now :sob:.

S&N are damaged by Henry Stickmin


Scrolling deals damage

S&N flag the post for spam


The scrolling damages the creep

The flag fails because I have the same avatar as Polaris, confusing the system and damaging the creep

Polaris changes their avatar damaging S&N

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Polaris’s avatar is the same as DisneyFan’s avatar which confuses the creep, especially in Next Update thread

It was funny the 0th time, now it’s just spam.

S&N frown at @Disney-Fan

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Enemy dies of spam. No wait its alive lol

Spam gets flagged

ouch, the creep has sympathy pain

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