[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

5 minutes of silence damage the creep

Creep is kidnapped by LSB

Mother Gothel kidnaps the creep and locks it in a tower

sneaky advertisement
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mulan damages creep

this cat received a badge in-game after my concept was made, it makes the creep jealous, reducing the HP in result

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These dogs also attack the creep

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This character comes and attacks the creep

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All these ads damage the creep

The sponsors of the ads attack the creep

The advertisers of the sponsors attack the creep

inhabitants of NosVille attacks the creep

The companies of the advertisers attack the creep

the wait for update attack the creep

The CEO’s of the company attack the creep

The banks of the CEOs attack the creep

The head of the banks attack the creep

Posts to deal damage

2 hours of silence deals damage

35 minutes of silence damage the creep

The inactivity damages the creep

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