[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Grandma Duck drives over the creep in her old car

Daisy Duck gets angry, damaging creep

**** is leaked damaging to the creep with excitement

I got leaked into the game

The creep is the leak, damaging itself

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Prince John makes the creep pay his taxes

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I leak the Mayor as my next concept

I leak Mr. Waternoose as my next concept

I leak Ratigan as my next concept

I choose Magikarp

I choose Tyrannosaurus

I choose to deal damage

Choosing deals damage

Words deal damage

Letters deal damage

The creep realizes it is close to dying

Typing deals damage

100% of people who breathe air die, so the creep chose to stop breathing air

Carbon dioxide damages the creep

Air pollution damages the enemy

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