[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Knocbacks the Creep

Lights it’s foot on fire

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Fires Creep

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Drops some legos down on the ground and asks creep to chase me, only for it to step on them.

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Breaks the creep’s left arm

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scares THE creep

Breaks the creeps right arm

breaks his head

Slices off the Creep’s legs

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grabs his sword

Impales the creep

Surely it would already be dead.

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tries to kill the creep

Nukes it, but the creep revives

Looks into creep with scary eyes

Hires Mulan to obliterate the creep with her fireworks


:fist: :dagger:

Mulan tryna kill it

Super Critical Hit

Enlists the help of Mushu

62 HP left

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Summons the beast

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