[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v2.0.1)

I just have a Deja Vu in this conversation :exploding_head:

my computer doesn’t have F4 :smiling_imp:

Aww thank you. Yours is too!

Art class deals damage

I’m on an ipad :thinking:

Day 15 of listening to Africa every day for a decade deals damage.

Who needs to be bigger than the universe when you can be more Powerful than the universe??

my name rhymes with ______

Hi [message redacted] and CENSORED, THIS IS PERSONAL INFORMATION. I am @Muppet_Labs.

Ctrl + shift + Q + Q

Spanish class deals damage


So your name is Hank?

My name rhymes with [redacted]

i am a septopus


Me poking myself with a needle in art class deals damage

Hi Hank :wave:

Be :zipper_mouth_face: :sheep:


Lick, pick, sick, tick, wick

Yeah, that’s it.

Another word you cannot say…

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