[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v2.0.1)

Just crop out the whole image to show that one notification… because you just revealed something that maybe some of us should not have seen…

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Yes, always crop out PM notifications. We definitely don’t need to see that.

Second Wave!

Oh no… Dealing damage

Shaggy uses 0.1% of his power on the creep

very stylish… thread

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Yesss wears cooler others than Edna though…

Yesss and Edna should meet

Together they’d be too stylish for this world! :exploding_head:

oh, and Cruella!

Disgust as well

and miss piggy

Disgust is the only one who could kill with looks

Well, you’re not wrong.

I know I’m not. I survived looking at Yesss, Miss Piggy, and Cruella. But I died immediately after catching a glimpse of Disgust.

I’m a ghost now.

I’m always a ghost cause i’m so hallow

Don’t forget, @Imagineer_V is a ghost too.

Wasn’t I in heaven, too? :innocent::thinking:

Hmm… nah

You’re still alive

Okay. That’s good. :ok_hand:

No, that’s bad

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