[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v3.1.1)

dies due to rain

Hi. I am Groot

Creep is almost dead! :flushed:

Really? I am Groot!

Oh, the creep revived and is almost dead, and I’m late to the spam?

Sad noises

population of bears has been decreased by 30% yestarday


So close!

sad coleslaw noises


that ‘meme’, not-funny

Sorry, but it’s becoming oversaturated at this point, like Among Us.

this is even worse.

You brought it into the conversation…

RIP to the creep

(Yes, it’s dead)

No more talk-talk!

Creep is dead.


Quack! Update 3.1 is here!

  • Presenting to everyone here… DuckTales marathon!
    • Duck creeps are attacking the forums!
    • Creep after creep! No long breaks! Once a creep is defeated there will be a new one in a shorter duration than 24h
  • What evil witch has to do with Easter?

I am Groot!

What? When? Why? Where? Who? How???

I am confused that in the gif the ducks are feeding other ducks

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