[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v3.1.1)

How about… before patch notes?

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That seems better…

It’s a deal! :grin:

That’ll be the only time I want Polaris to NOT release the Patch Notes ASAP tomorrow then…

That sounds good

We can beat the creep RN.

You Sure?


No, but we don’t lose anything

Activate The Spam!


My notes say it’s still alive!

Let’s get quack-ing, then.

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And the patch notes that you will see a refresh for kim

Myeong will be escorted to the prison for his puns…

You should’ve called it the pun-geon.

As long as we all post as soon as we can without double posting, we can defeat the creep in under an hour. Facts



Ok. Fair enough

You brought that on yourself by not using the pun before I did.


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