[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v3.1.1)

Wait… Really??? :flushed:

Just this Sunday! Eastertastic day. Eggtastic.

Quarantine has ruined my sense of time :sob:

What’s the sitch?


… Kim’s battle badge.

Same, I thought SB was this week, but then it was like last week or 2 weeks ago, I don’t even know.

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Unless Polaris has taken the feedback and the team actually listen.

Then I will make a thank you post.

Is it that bad?

She gets energy gain, I guess.

She doesn’t need that 200 energy, she gets it fast enough.

‘Passive’ 40 evasion buff (yes, this is a option) would be heavenly better.

Yeah that’s pretty bad (did not know yett, Yellow in S21 will take about a year so not looked in depth yet)

40 evasion from Battle Badge + Y0 would fix her tragic evasion stat.



Where’s the update?!

It should come today

Worldwide it means up to 24 hours from now.

But usually it is in ~2 hours


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