[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v3.1.1)


Should have hide you profile if you really wanted to fool us Rino!

Changing names confuses the creep, who hits itself.


Server update started to calculate faster way to defeat creep

I mean… Why I chose that name… Nvm, I already said in the lounge…

it’s something magical.

:sparkles: :rabbit:

Who am I?

A hat

You are you



I got the first yellow Zurg and Disgust ever. I am now happy


Yellow Dash Soon…

18 minutes later…

Battle Badges Buffs are very questionable…

throw the darts and where it’s throwed the buff will be choosen


No, PB just puts papers on a hat and then they pick one for each hero

All of those darts were missed which deals damage

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