[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v4.1.1)


I forgot one thing…

What is it?

The creep died priorhand?


All fixed!


The creep has a battle badge?

No… but the icon is here, maybe for reason.

Er… “priorhand” isn’t a word… did you mean “beforehand”?

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Please No… :flushed:

I am the I

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Hello “the I”, how are you?

Bad. And. Weirdly not not. Eh.

This Is Teddy :bear: :raised_hand:

Teddy says Hi :bear: :wave:

Teddy says clap your hands :bear: :clap:

Oops, Teddy died. :bear: :skull_and_crossbones:

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Now I am happy.


Yes I did, but be my horrible wording :joy:

Can I win a kitty?

No. But you got a dog! :dog:

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:clap: for teddy

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