[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v4.1.1)

Should I do that? :thinking:

  • Yes, Do It. :grin:
  • No, Please Don’t! :pleading_face:

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Dream’s live chat is spamming E

Hey @Musketeer, can I use one Della Duck power up? Thank you very much! :grin:

Oh no.

Play the Music. Music. oh no.


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And now we wait… :grin:

The link is a rickroll!!! :dizzy_face:

Not really XD

D O N E!

NO… better, I guess.


Less Than 100 posts! Let’s do this! :grin:

Well… ok I guess

Luckily it wasn’t a RickRoll because I click the link right away

Spam Spam


Talking spam language

the creep is almost dead.

and we almost can… wait, NO!.. @TotallyNotDash can create a new power-up! WOW!


I need to think while eating lunch :thinking:

Wait, what?

But I don’t want the creep to die. I want to spam today cause I’m bored. :weary:

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