[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v5.1) (Part 1)

Can you heat my coffee

So the Karens Don’t go attacking her.

puts it in the microwave for 15 seconds.


Poor Rex, most of my Danganronpa character insults him.

Also, Clothes*

Ma’am, you’re saying that you expected for Rex to be intelligent, and then you spell clothes wrong.

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To stop Dash from controlling me, I use Distract!

I type too fast :sob: :rofl:

I already read the notes.

Keeps Controlling Code by causing him to start hugging random people

Ah… remind me to warn you… that you have to take out the metal spoon

i no realize me in top 5

hugs everyone talking here due to helmet

Also, “characters” “insult”


controls Code to tackle Mahiru


The Move does not work! You recieved a response:

Who is Mahiru?

My grammar will be the end of me :sob:

The girl with the manager outfit. :sunglasses:

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The person who Lure is using

Ok then.

Tackles Mahiru

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