[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v5.1) (Part 1)

What is the cost?

True, but one is an impostor!


Yeah, and it’s not me, lol.

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It’s still in beta testing

All is a lie

Omg. omg. OMG. !!!


I will give you Dash nerf and Reflect on all heroes that your Dash faces, so Dash can heal himself :grin:

You see… I bribed the US Government into freeing me, so if you don’t want to suffer the consequences, I prefer that you stay quiet…


Yakuza= Japanese Mafia.

You see… I’m more manipulative than you think… :smiling_imp:

Keep Dreaming

Laughs in watched Endgame so knew this already.

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I have an idea… which Mahiru is the impostor? Poll time!

Who’s Mahiru is the impostor?
  • Lure’s
  • Rex’s
  • None

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If you didn’t know, in Endgame, the people Hawkeye/Clint was fighting were Yakuza. Sometimes, it pays to watch Marvel movies. :sunglasses:


places mind-control helmet on MissingLure

takes it off and places on Dash

Hehe, I’m Immune to my own device

Oh, dang it!

Places back on Lure

Now, make Kokichi say “I hate Dash and do not want him in the game.”

Your mind tricks don’t work on me. Only money.

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