[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v5.1) (Part 1)

Fun Fact: If you sleep on your side, you hate your pillow.

I learned that from an ad.

Hello guys, I am back, aiming for the hero I’m ready to attack!

hello again

Hello :wave:

Hi guys! I am finally back! Although I ate allot of cake and feel like a potato sack…

Now for public!

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If you don’t understand spanish:


BlackBOY, a capable antihero who appears in the form of smoke and dust on the battlefield threatening and petrifying they enemies with his capabilities of control of stone.

Don’t ask “¿Why?” ask “¿Why not?”

Role: Damage
Position: Mid
Trial Team: Blue

deals damage

I just found this YouTube channel a few days ago lol

I wonder what will happen next.





Theris uan impasta among as


When a spaghetti is sus

No, I saw dash venting.


lies :angry:


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