[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v5.1) (Part 1)

:hot_face: :cold_face:

:bear: :microphone:

:chocolate_bar: :bird:

:chipmunk: :chipmunk: :male_detective:

:duck: :dress:

all coming today!.. on monday.


Chip and dale coming? :open_mouth:

I don´t remember this one

oh, but how?

she is iconic.

Nvm, I think I know who she is.

tell. tell to us.

Daisy Duck.


Was she datamined?I only know of these two:

you won $0.01!

who said something about this dark magic?


This is what I learn!


but isn’t tragic magic the darker version of dark magic?!

No, they’re both dark.

like my soul

my soul is dead

Disco creep… disco party.

Dancing Queen starts

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Only 1200 HP

Ayy, Macarena!

And that is significant or somehow relates to what I said how

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