[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v5.1) (Part 2)

The system has no feelings anyways



How! I say how!

i won’t be able to sleep until i learn how you do this, djaq. no joke, it’s incredible.

But actually, @Loutre, could this feature be removed?

Lol what? XD

There’s literally no reason a new post has to be posted by Musk, is there?


And also…this is the sixth topic in line… less than 6 months… at least all the spam is concentrated.


That’s what I like to think…
But I think Musk needs to set up some post with powerups and stuff, ect.

Yeah, theres really no reason not to use this. Musk can make a post as a comment to this thread, or better yet, one of the first System sequels. This creates two posts for every time we reach 10k.

Yeah, and then who will be able to find the rules easily? :confused:

Not everyone bookmarks posts, and Musk can’t edit the initial post to update the game

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tenor (45)

Wow rude

The answer is so simple… it must be.


Boo scare the thing away

Why was this flagged isn’t this the game?

No… if you’d read the previous replies you’d know this was auto-generated and there’s currently no creep.

Good job spark!

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