[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v6.1)

creep dies at 4838!

Perish with the mighty Sword!

creep is dead

RIP creep :skull_and_crossbones:

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Creep is dead…


Have a nice sandwich and sleep!

See you all with NO new creep very soon.

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It’s one Year…

Welcome to Update 6.1!

  • It’s been one year! :cake:
  • Creep visits you… and… [ERROR CALL]
  • Jhaz hyl lclyfdolyl, P ht uva zbyl pm P dpss zahf… hspcl mvy huvaoly khf, iba aoha’z uva hss, aopunz hyl nlaapun vusf dvyzl, olsw fvbyzlsm huk ybu, ybu huk ulcly ylabyu, aopz pz ovwlslzz… avv thuf vm aolt…bbooo nvvkifl. Aopz pz aol luknhtl.
  • Ron is here! This means a change to his (not anymore) power-up!

(Post no 5842 will kill the creep)


How about Shego?

where is Shego?

I is blind

I guess I maybe won’t use power ups?

,‘sob and crying over and over’ …,.r

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Bye bye


i am here

i am there

I am everywhere

Just 1 reply within an hour???


omg. omg.

this is cat!

That happens when they start without warning me xD

Only 3 replies. Come on we gotta get better than dis!

this is sad

Oh, new creep. Ok.

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