[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v8.0) (Part 1)

s o n i c

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Frozen 1 was fine smh

overrated …


Yes it is

… and that’s all?

too fast~

Ehhh not really
The songs are good, the plot is good, even if i held my breath sometimes
Frozen 2 is bad though

both are bad, at least not as good as… SOME want to show it.

overrated to the maximum… it’s boring.

Like every single day.

haha suffer

Remixes are cool

cough cough Ruby cough cough

I only use a credit card for things I want like once a month

You don’t have that disease then


more proves for it being bad?

but rex and djaq got it…

Is it bad as Luca?

What disease? I think I missed something…

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the disease…?

idk… but yes.

I never said it was bad
And Ruby lovessssssss Frozen



The Owl House is overated

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