<fun and games> truth or dare!


how did i know this was going to happen…

Anyways, I choose truth.

@TotallyNotDash :eyes:


This seems to be going well.

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Have you ever forgetten anything important about Marvel/Star Wars when discussing about it with someone? :thinking:


Yes, for Marvel.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen Iron Man 2 in forever and I almost completely forgot everything that happened in it, you even know when I was explaining Black Widow to you. Star Wars, it never has happened. I know almost everything about it. The books however I could get better in. :woozy_face:


Your turn to say somthing @Commander-Rex

Okay. @MissingLure

Truth or dare. :smiling_imp:


Truth I guess.

This emoji indicates that it’s over!

I wonder who will be the first one to do a dare :thinking:

That is so… how could you forget that! I loved Iron Man 2 lol.

I kinda wanna do one :p

I don’t think anyone will

You stand corrected

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I didnt see that lol

Spark is the new Dash :eyes:

I meant a truth. Eh, I’ll do a dare as long as it isn’t too extreme.

You didn’t see that one coming?

It’s ok to double post here.

Stereotypical of a Marvel fan, I know. Shame that movie went under the radar. It’s good, I just really desperately need to rewatch it. Thankfully I remembered enough to have cohesion to explain stuff to Dash. :woozy_face:

Alright so, Lure…

Have you ever rage quit when playing Pokemon? :thinking:


Yeah, the enemy gets 10 critical hits in a row and I miss my fire blast.

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