G.l.a.D.O.S hero concepts

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Too rapidfire. Please stop

How fast is this guy

It’s a girl

I was talking about you with your concepts

I got nuthing beter to do

Then think. I wouldn’t risk getting flagged just to make a rapidfire concept

I try to not make them as long of a wait for people who want to see them

Dude stop the rapid fire concepts before @Filadae_Djaq gets a heart attack

I honestly don’t think people really want to see your concepts. Take it easy. Develop them, pour some soul into it. It’s too much of a rapid fire. I’m sorry, but this is the truth. I’ve never read or seen a person that actually can’t wait to see your concepts. If you follow this simple plan, for EVERY concept, then people will begin to like your concepts and you won’t get hate.


Retro 84 is right. I’d rather see one really good, creative, flavourful concept with good spelling and grammar than thirty poorly-spelled rush-jobs with no original ideas to them


Now for the magic laberinth of i.m.meen

Scratch that I’m makeing a event

I’ll be back

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