Game Concept: The Mod Shop

So just an idea I’ve had, but it is getting a little hard to get Mods, and even more so Mod Upgrades. They used to be given out in contests, but I haven’t seen them for quite a while. They only get handed out in Invasions, but at such a minimal amount.

So I was thinking, how about a Mod Shop? It could sell any parts you need (emphasis more on Mod Upgrades) in a rotational based system. Maybe a new form of tokens can be earned in contests, along with the usual ones that can be bought in either diamonds and (very rarely) gold.

Most of all, have a sort of molding system. Basically, trade in your unused or just borderline useless Mods or Mod Upgrades to have them melted down in new Mod/Mod Upgrades (at a discounted rate of course), or even convert them into Mod Power.

I just think something like this could pump a little more life back into the game. Another layer to work towards to better upgrading your characters.

Why not add a second mod/upgrade type to the standard invasion rewards each week? The tiers with upgrade materials are about as exciting as reading an instruction booklet anyway, condensing them wouldn’t hurt.


So basically one week can have, let’s say, both a Blue Skill and Green Skill Upgrades at the same time? Is that what you’re getting at?

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I was thinking more along the lines of having, say, both a skill power mod with blue skill upgrades and a basic damage mod with normal crit upgrades. Having to wait 9 weeks for a type of mod sucks.

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