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Hello I would love to share some things with ya all about the game and the forums.

If ya ever need more power one thing is go for skills level them up as much as you can, use all the shops in game if you have coins you should use them on skills badges “shops” etc many more.

Don’t use global to much,
I know when ya log in you just want to use global or other chats, but the time goes super fast where yo should be getting stronger, so when your in heist or story mode you can use chat during it so when your in battles or waiting for your heist team to rest just to pass time.

Heist tips are always helpful I think you should never join a random one, make one with your friends or guild mates,
If you do hard I think you should rush it not guarding gems or that b near them but don’t guard when/if you catch one either win the fight or retreat if you found her when their robbing win the battle if not do not, when your getting ambushed if you decide to fight don’t call in other peoples characters only yours, but if you don’t want to fight them don’t call support and retreat right away,

Don’t beg for promotions never do half the time you’ll just get demoted or kicked so be safe when you get promoted never kick unless guild officers agree or ruler tells you to.

Don’t beg for people to join if you do people will never join, do it once a hour, and never promote if you don’t trust in my opinion,

Never beg to get in a guild its the same with these you’ll never get in unless your worthy of it so keep working for it you’ll get there one day :wink:

Always avoid 1-9 in surge no matter the lever it is your wasting your time so I’d say keep it nice and easy.

Be respectful in chat or anywhere including the forums, if you may get kicked, denote, lose your ranks, lose friends etc.

Well this was just some help for ya guys feel free to tell me what ya think, and be nice to other
war so next time ya see s team fight it well.

you ever find yourself in a war you can’t fight in if your power is to low, wait for the time when your guild owner says for you to attack if its weakened then ask the guild if you can attack.

Never try to be Fancy and use your worst team on some random team, this goes for surge & warwar

**raiding ** yes its faster but is it worth it? If you said yes your right, but do not raird to much and forgot about the battles if you do it to much you won’t know how your team is.



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No. Ugh, I meet It is a very brief, good guide covering all the basics of the game.

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