Game Improvements - November 22-25

Game Improvements

Here’s what we’d like to discuss in this session:

  • If you could change one thing about Disney Heroes, what would it be?
  • What new things would you most like to see in game?

I would want lighting mcqueen and mater added into the game allready and also kim possible and ron stopable in dhbm if charthers we want in the game is count as new thing

What I would love to see is a third friendship for some of the older heroes, meaning that they get a third friendship disc. Because I feel like there should be more recognition for the older heroes to interact with the new heroes. As for what I could change with the game, I would fix the bug with the friendship mission updates that’s been going on for a while now.

I’d like to see more features and balance between F2P and P2P


I’d like to balance the game between F2P & P2P

More heroes honesty.
And a library to review the story.

Server 14
TL 86


The thing that I would do is buffing some old characters. Not full Hero Refreshes, just stat buffs. Huge stat buffs. I mean, Felix just got refreshed, but his HP is very low if to compare with the newest characters(Even backliners such as Yzma and Jafar have more). Especially I’m interested in Barbossa and Quorra.
New things? I want to see Easy mode for City Watch. With less gold, no disk power, but perfect for completing challenges.

Server 14, level 125.


I would add something like a new combat mode in which the weakest person fought the best person

Polish language.

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  • Some more fun modes. And keep the war posters.
  • Balance between F2P and P2P
  • A place to reread the main story and friendship stories
  • More hero refreshes
  • Make it easier to get rewards and prizes (Balancing the game for players)
  • More heroes (Pooh and friends, more Lilo & Stitch heroes, Kim, Mulan heroes, Ariel, Belle)

S8/19, TL 138/59


A library to review the campaign stories again would be nice. And a ‘‘training mode’’ where you can test your teams offline with maxed out heroes (similar to what we have now with the newest heroes). Server 5, team level 145.


I would change the heroes (stats) and make them equal so I could use 3 old heroes and 2 new but still win a battle!
Basically make them all pros and cons heroes, so extreme damage heroes have lots of damage but low health (Zurg/Quorra)

Because this game is about collecting heroes and using different combinations to win, but it’s starting to feel more like a rarity based game (what I mean is if an old hero for example Yax was a common, Randall would be an epic, and it kind of detracts from the collect them all experience)

Server 4
TL 145


1 - I would change free stamina rewards, is just not fair that you can “easily” buy one thousand free stamina, but to get like 100 for free you need weeks collecting those, with more free stamina we can level up more easily our heroes, is really boring that we are getting so many characters but only the whales can level up so many heroes, with all these cap increases, more free staminas will even make cap increases less painful, i really love Donald but i already know i can’t level up him, because i already used my free staminas to level up Scrooge, is just frustrating, if i want Donald at Red (not even Red+2) i need to spend money, so next week i want Launchpad i need to spend more money, and more, and more… i understand that every company wants money but the distance of P2P and F2P is just too aggressive now, 700 free stamina for $9.99, and a F2P will get 700 of those in months is just not fair, the invasion rewards was perfect to solve this problem but we all remember the invasion nerf so i don’t think i need to talk about that.

2 - To be fair i really like the things we already have, that’s why i love the game, but there are things that look like you just forget, Hero refreshes, there are Heroes in the game that are really bad right now, like Ralph and Vanellope, even at max level Red+2 Vanellope do 67K damage with her white skill, Ducky&Bunny Laser do 236K, Ralph white skill do 14k damage in Red+2, really 14k, and i can’t understand why, why you just don’t care about these heroes, because people complain about them all the time and we get a refresh in rare situations, this time you only refreshed Felix, why not all WI-Ralph characters already, so i really can’t understand what are the plan, more modes, Heist in Super Hard is already super easy to high level players, you unlock Super hard on level 100, where are Heist lv 110, 120, so these give us more Disk power, probably the hardest thing to get right now, more Surge levels, just keep upgrading you game modes like you do with trials, ports, Invasion, and i think for now that’s it, sorry for my bad english, in the end we complain because we just want the game to be better, because i know it can be a really cool game for EVERYONE, not just the whales.

S1, TL 145

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The only game improvement that I suggest for DHBM is the proper balance of new and old heroes. To most players, overpowered heroes disrupt the PvP experience and could make it stale. In addition, more hero refreshes/buffs/nerfs(to those Heroes that are ridiculously OP) should do the trick. For the contest borders(for individual players)of non-guild cooperative contests, I thought about using them as progress rewards too, not just as rank rewards.

For new things to be added in the future of the game, I want to see a “library” mode: it allows us to review past chapter dialogues/info for both the Story Campaign and Friend Campaigns. Some kind of simulator mode(allowing us to freely test Heroes, while not worrying too much to rely on chat sparring as a test option)would be a bonus.

Also, MORE heroes!

Hope for a bright future of DHBM! :blush:

S8, TL100


I think I it would be really great if you can incorporate Disney theareical Movie Relases and make that more pronounced in the game. You kind of do it by highlighting certain heroes or whatever, but I’m surprised with the release of Frozen 2 there were NO HEROES or concepts relating to the movie. Surprising because Frozen was such a big theatrical hit with Disney, and Perblue did not announce any characters coming from the Frozen world (Sven the Reindeer and Kristoff, Anna, the Rock Grandpa, etc.)

You know honetly, i would like to see heroes from my favorite Disney film: The Jungle Book.

Possibly a place where you can request the hero you want to see in the game the most, what their role is, what their skills are, and who are their friends. To help the developer along of course.

  • If you could change one thing about Disney Heroes, what would it be?

Lowering the cost. With the new heroes coming to play, we all want to have a chance using them. But right now, it costs way too much to even maintain our current roster. So it’d do us a huge favor by cutting down the cost

I still remember the outrage of player base during the increase of resources. Many badmouthed Perblue, many quit, many stop spending… And I wonder, is that the reason we need so many server merge right now?

  • What new things would you most like to see in game?

1.I would like to spar against my own teams to figure out the strongest combination I could have made for Coli/Arena. That’d be a nice change

  1. If you can’t give us all the bits in high tier trial, pls consider give us a shop selling Giant Peach, Imagination Ship, Split Milk,… all the time so that we could buy them. It’s hard enough raiding for high level bits, and now we have to do it for those as well? No, thank you
  • I think some characters need resizing
    Mickey Mouse is a little big
    Jafar portrait is too small

  • I think many many many old characters need Hero refresh ! ! ! !
    Especially I am interested in Judy Hopps, Aladdin
    I hope many hero refreshes in patch notes…:smile_cat:

  • I want to read a normal campaign story again like friend campaign wall !

  • I want to see thin profile borders like a normal white border !! All current profile borders hide profile picture slightly

  • I want to listen disney movie’s music in game ! ! ! ! !
    ex) How far i’ll go - moana, Do you want to build a snowman - frozen, Dream Productions - inside out…

  • VIP RING SHOP. In this shop, we can buy stamina, skill point consumable, double normal campaign drops, mission speedup by consuming VIP rings. How about this?

  • New campaign about Disney animation story. Moana concept campaign… Frozen concept campaign, Zootopia concept, Tarzan concept…
    Boss character is in this campaign.
    ex) Moana campaign’s boss is Teka, Lion King campaign’s boss is Scar(stronger than original Scar), Tarzan campaign’s boss is Clayton
    Enemies are real characters in Disney animation
    ex) Tarzan campaign’s enemies are monkeys, Clayton’s men
    There aren’t normal campaign robots in this campaign

  • More heroes about Tarzan. Tarzan characters don’t exist in game!!
    Tarzan, Clayton, Jane…

  • More heroes about The Hunchback Of Notre Dame ! Esmeralda ! ! ! !

S13 TL115
S15 TL116

Dear @Polaris and DHBM employees

Some improvements I like to give in DHBM is:

  1. Resize characters like Elsa, Moana, Goofy, Jasmine, Miguel, Gizmoduck, etc

  2. Make Finnick and Toy Story 4 characters have a better quote that they’d actually say in the movie they’re in

  3. And add a lot of characters I like to see in the game like Kim Possible, Arthur Pendragon, Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Claude Frollo, Ariel, Belle, Ron Stoppable, Magica De Spell, Dr. Facilier, Pooh, Tigger, Pete, Anna, and etc

Server 12, Team Level 87

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If you could change one thing about Disney Heroes, what would it be?

Slower level cap increases; I need more time to bring new heroes up before I have to deal with another rarity increase for everyone.

What new things would you most like to see in game?

I would like an in-game way to go back through the full stories of the regular campaigns and friend campaigns. A more story-like format would be awesome, as the intertwined stories of when Disney IPs collide is one of the biggest selling points of this game, for me.

The friend wall is a start; it does list the dialogue at the end of each friend campaign chapter, but it doesn’t note the story text for each stage (4-1, 4-2, 4-3 etc.) The missions are noted there, but they’re all scrambled around in chronological order, interspersed with friendship level updates and disk level updates. I feel like we could probably skip the disk level updates.

For the normal campaign, there are all those “in-between” levels that you see the first time through the chapter, and never again. It seems like an insult to the person who had to write all that storyline, for it never to be seen again.

S14, TL125


What I really want there to have more hero refreshes for older heroes so they can compete against the new ones. Never in my life I ever see anything creative besides seeing the same team lineup over and over.

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