Game Modes - November 22-25

Game Modes

Here’s what we’d like to discuss in this session:

  • What mode is your favorite? Why?
  • What is your least favorite mode? Why?
  • What “quality of life” improvement would be most meaningful to you?
  • What social or guild features would you most like to see added or improved?
  • Do you want more collections?
  • What do you think about challenges? Do they motivate you to play? Would you miss them if they were removed?
  1. My favourite mode is Heist, mostly because of the cooperation.
  2. Least favourite? Don’t know, they’re all fine for me.
  3. QoLs I would like to see: putting characters used in Surge in the end of the list, more random enemies in City Watch…, missing war posters for younger servers.
  4. More guild perks would be great.
  5. Yes please! Collections are now the main reason for me to play Invasion.
  6. Challenges are great for me, as I enjoy collecting stuff. I only miss the Incredibles one. So yes, if you remove them, I’ll be sad :slightly_frowning_face:

Server 14, level 125.


My favorite more is guild war.
Its just such a smart idea to PvP against guilds and it works smoothly. The war crates also help so much.

My least favorite mode is coliseum.
Its kinda hard to do, its slow and there are a couple little bugs. The shop has the best heroes though.

What quality of life improvement.
Hmm, I’m not sure.

What social/ guild feature
A way to search players. It would be a easy way to do stuff. I way to delete all friend requests. & a invite to hiest in the guild chat.

I don’t really do collections. But when more heroes are added I may say something else.

Challenges don’t motivate me.
I do them for the fun. They can be easy or a challenge I hope new ones come out.

Server 14
TL 86

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I don’t like heist because some people join it and the rest of the team does such bums. I personally, as I set up the lobby, dump people who are inactive for 5 minutes
s14 tl105

Favorite? Maybe Guild War since it’s pretty fun and requires cooperation.

Least favorite? Maybe Heist since people can go AFK or Invasion since it’s hard to get the higher tier rewards. Collection is also a bit of a pain since I need to many six star heroes now…

Some quality of life’s would maybe be putting used heroes or KOed heroes at the end. Making rewards easier to get. Having City Watch a bit easier.

More guild perks maybe. And liking chats or comments? Being able to search for friends in the list.

More collections would be fun! Especially more for Stitch! :laughing:

Challenges are fun but for me not very necessary. But it’s fun to be able to get some hero chips or memories.

S8/19, TL 138/59


Favourite Mode

  • hmm… probably City Watch? It might sound an odd choice, but I enjoy most of the modes and don’t really have a stand-out. I can usually complete CW pretty quickly, and it has a pretty big strategy element, (which as a lowish powered player, I’m a big fan of) - unlike most modes. There’s also no pressure to do it & I can do it as I please, unlike some of the collaborative modes.

Least Favourite Mode(s)

  • Arena / Coliseum. For the lower powered / little-spending player, they are extremely stale and offer no challenge - or rather, too much challenge. There’s absolutely no chance of me getting into Challenger in Coliseum, and in Arena I can probably get there a handful of times a month if I happen to spot a beatable team in P1 1st - and then win the subsequent challenger fight. Most days, I don’t bother and just find someone who’s name I like, hit & retreat to claim my daily quests. With the huge power & ability of new heroes, they need a serious revamp to keep players like me interested in competing.

QOL Improvement

  • Get rid of the new sliders for upgrading skills / disks. I realise we’ve only had them for a day, but I think they are terrible.

  • Trials should contain all the bits from previous difficulties, it seems that all I’m ever farming are low blue badges, which shouldn’t be the case.

  • Mission sorting is long overdue an upgrade!

Social / Guild Features

  • Extra ranks / titles for players in a guild, or the ability to create & assign custom ranks (with a filter…). These don’t need to necessarily come with additional permissions, but having fun titles would add some personality to the guild.
  • Daily quests to request & donate X guild aid.
  • Improvements to Guild Aid. Right now it can only be requested for heroes you probably don’t use, which makes it not particularly useful. After the announcement of an upcoming ‘guild shop’, it’s a huge disappointment. It also doesn’t really serve its purpose, since the highest donators in my guild are those at the bottom of the power tree - and we still have 15 or so members with 0 donations. It’s not very good.


  • Yes!! As others have stated, Collections are the main reason I play Invasion - the actual Invasion rewards aren’t worth the time required at all, but collection progress is a nice bonus for a completionist like myself. More collections (= more variety in collections, not just new levels) = more things to complete! Yay!


  • I love them!! They give an added, and often interesting additional task to accomplish each week. They can be a bit hit or miss - we’ve had some that are trivial to achieve in just 1 battle, and some (looking at you, Incredibles CW challenge) that are near enough impossible for anyone outside the top…5. Yes, they do motivate me to go above & beyond the usual daily tasks to complete (again, I like completing stuff) and the rewards, while not spectacular, are nice enough to warrant the effort. Please don’t scrap them!

S3, 145


Favorite mode

Invasion. It’s fun to power up my heroes, and old heroes can find use there. Bosses being immune to disables, but not debuffs, makes Finnick a powerful control and Maleficent almost useless! :smile:

Least favorite mode

Arena. I’m a mostly free player at VIP 4. It’s like playing soccer against pro athletes, except I have a broken leg.

Quality of life

Aside from reducing stamina costs or the exp needed to level up, a “use all” button for Invasion power-ups would be nice. I always use them on all heroes, and it can get tedious if I have a lot of them.

New/improved social or guild features

I’ve been thinking about making a suggestion topic about adding player disks, but I haven’t had the confidence to go through with it. Maybe I’ll start on working on it again.
Anyways, in-game group PM’s would be the next best thing. Me and a handful of other regulars are all on the same server, it would be nice to talk to all of them at the same time.

More collections

Yes, please! I’ve been hoping for a Silence collection since they were added.


They’re nice, but not really. I would like to keep the avatars, though. The dancing skeleton and surge gate are fantastic.

  1. I generally like them all, maybe war though as the competition is nice
  2. I find the time needed for everything really boring so maybe heist because I like it but I don’t even play it because of time reasons or surge because there’s so many heroes it takes ages!
  3. A faster way to get through everything
  4. I’m not sure really
  5. Yes
  6. They’re nice but I wouldn’t miss them

S4 TL145

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1 - Heist, i really like a mode where everyone needs to help and cooperate with each other.

2 - Surge, is just boring, after doing it every single day you just get tired of it, there is a lot of days that i just use the quick atacks and that’s it.

3 - Friend Mission sorting by far, all the friend mission tab is just too old, and really need an upgrade.

4 - Guild aid rewards, i don’t like to compare games but in South Park every time you donate a card you get xp and gold, so everyone donate and everyone help each other to grow up, here we get a “Thanks”, i don’t want to be a douchebag but sorry this is just not enough.

5 - Of course, i really like collection, is something you do that it’s fun, and make all the boring invasion breakers more interesting.

6 - I love challenges, is just fun to have something different to do each week, like this week challenges, Study and charm, everyone helping each other was really cool, yes the rewards is bad, but i don’t do for the rewards, i do because i like it, a lot of people don’t like to do because the rewards are really bad, i think the Challenge shop need to be a exclusive Shop, with free stamina, Memories, even disk power, a really good shop so people will want to do the challenges, and i really don’t want the challenges to be removed, they are fun to do.

S1, TL 145


Favorite Game Mode: Guild War by far. I like the strategy behind it. Figuring out what defenses hold enemies back, what attack sequences are beat to counter enemy defense. It is compounded by the activity of individual members (a lot of guild members feel that there is a grind to doing all these things which makes participation kind of hot or miss). You also need better rewards. Gold Coins rewards needs higher compensation as things in the game (improving skills, enhancements, etc.) Cost waaay too much.

Least favorite mode: Creep Surge takes too long, compensation (gold) not worth the trouble. Would be cool if you give special rewards like hero chips (5 of a particular hero) if you use up all heroes in that mode, or random friendship disks if your guild completes the entire mode/difficulty.

Do you want more collections?: Absolutely love getting power ups for my heroes. Adds a layer of difficulty that I would not mind accomplishing.

what quality of life would be most meaningful to you? lowering the cost of skills. My guild has a high number of free-to-play members. GOLD is a precious resource. My members list gold as a contributing factor into their hero’s development and the player’s overall activity and involvement in the guild. They find it a hassle to be in the game 24/7 doing all these things and finding out how their real life selves suffer (not enough time to attend to matters within the game. Therefore QUITTING THE GAME) and many end up giving up on the game. I know the revenue stream PB took when it decided to increase the amount of gold to level up heroes, and then providing deals players can purchase (gold bundles, etc.). But in terms of engagement amongst players, it is highly contentious. Members of the community do not want to spend all this time online as they have real life selves and obligations to take care off. The more the company adds to make skills out of reach of players, the more players will not bother with this game.

…challenges…miss them?: I like the weekly challenges. It provides unique badges for me to utilize. If they would be pulled out, no biggie.


I like the friends campaigns, i like how creative the plots of these campaigns are.

I don’t like either arena or coliseum, they get even more powerful as you go on and most of time your opponents are way too powerful to beat and you have to start over again.

Honestly, i don’t care much for challenges. I forget what they are half the time. In my opinion, they won’t be missed.

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** What mode is your favorite? Why?*

  1. My favorite mode is City Watch. As of now, I have no trouble finishing Super Hard CW on daily basic. And I do it fast too. Except when it comes to using-specific-heroes contests, I’d need more effort to do CW, but overall, no problem. I even have 20 raid tickets unused in store, and I’m not getting any more

  2. Aside from CW, Invasion is a good thing too. Mainly because I have free time, so I have been able to complete all tiers until now. And it’s also a good chance to use some old heroes, who I personally like but can’t use them in Coli or Arena

  • What is your least favorite mode? Why?
  1. Guild War!!! Even though it’s indeed fun and exciting and all that, the opponents we face is getting repetitive. We have been facing our top 5 guilds in my server twice per month for a few months now. And it’s so unfair to us, and we might not even make it to legendary. We are 7th, and yet some 20th guilds can…

  2. Invasion. Contradict to what I say above? Not really! Even thought I like doing Invasion, it’s getting on my nerve that the tiers are being added non-stop. And the points required to reach them about hugely increased! We need an end goal in sight! I don’t want to keep up with an endless mode within a limited time! It’s exhausting, you know

  3. Friend campaign. For a F2P player like myself, I of course can’t have every hero invested in. And that’s why, Friend campaigns, especially for new heroes, are a nightmare for me. There are some I can’t even pass the very 1st stage…

  • What “quality of life” improvement would be most meaningful to you?
  1. A way to sort through friend missions faster, by exp I earn or by time.

  2. Heroes fight calculation during heist. We all want to earn as many tokens as possible during heists. But it’s so hard to tell when it is enough, so please tell us how many fights we has fought during, not after.

  3. Give us all the bits from low level trial in high level ones. And I’m sure I don’t even need to say how much we need them!!! And I am certainly not the only one!!!

  4. Let us hire Merc for friend campaigns…

  • What social or guild features would you most like to see added or improved?
    More guild perks pls.

1.We have an extra chance in trial already, so how about extra chance doing ports daily? It sounds nice, doesn’t it?

  1. The skill cost is getting out of hands, so could you please consider updating the skill cost decrease perks?

  2. Make Guild Aid better. As I see it now, you guys decide how many/much exp bottles/gold we can help our guildies. But that doesn’t matter if we don’t have enough. So, how about you guys let us donate the amount that we can? And don’t limit it at 5 persons per help

  3. Allowing members to use war posters we earn as avatar. I don’t know if any has ever thought of it, but right now, war posters are useless. And we can’t view them if we don’t come into war. And who does that? So let’s make war posters useful by letting us use them as avatar

  • Do you want more collections?
  1. Yes, I do. But could you please consider reducing the number of heroes in higher tiers? It’s so hard getting 1 hero to 6-star and I need 9 of them for Healer! That’s not cool, at all

  2. More variety of collections, not more tiers pls

  • What do you think about challenges? Do they motivate you to play? Would you miss them if they were removed?

I love challenges. They give us something new every week and the avatars we earn are nice too (not all of them though). But pls think it through before making a challenge. Some are downright impossible for F2P, so it’s not challenges anymore… it’s disasters

S12 (soon to be S9), lv 133


What mode is your favorite? Why?

Invasion, because I enjoy both the personal challenge and guild challenge in one mode. Also you can assist your guildmates in their direct progression as well.

What is your least favorite mode? Why?

Heist, because I’m a mom and I don’t often get 10 minutes straight to work on one game mode. It’s usually something that I’ll be logged in, but I’ll be multi-tasking; a raid here, a raid there (I absolutely LOVE the quick fight options wherever I can get them). So I can’t always commit to doing one with my guildies. Which leads to my other peeve: AFK people when I do try to do a Heist.

What “quality of life” improvement would be most meaningful to you?

More filtering options for missions. The list is So. Very. Long. I’d love to be able to use the same options that we have in the Friend Finder for friend campaigns. Let me be able to sort by level. Give me the ability to hide max level friendships. Allow me to favorite the ones I’m currently trying to work on.

What social or guild features would you most like to see added or improved?

I would like the 30-day guild kick to be reserved to leader rank only. Champions/officers get a 7-day guild kick. This will help guilds recover from the effects of sabotage more quickly, while still leaving the original intent (to get rid of troublemakers). It just puts that power into fewer hands. Maybe give champions 14 day kick if you want to split the difference.

Do you want more collections?

Collection progression is something that just happens while I’m doing everything else. If you add more, okay. If you don’t, okay.

What do you think about challenges? Do they motivate you to play? Would you miss them if they were removed?

I won’t generally go out of my way to complete them. If I’m close I might push a bit, or if there happens to be something in particular that I want in the challenge shop that week. But I don’t purposely try to do them.

S14, TL125


Favorite Mode: Heist. It is nice working together with other Players. The rewards are Not to Bad. Still Missing Higher difficult-levels.

Least favorite Mode: Invasion. I Loved it First. But with the Nerf of the rewards, and much more tiers now, it Just Takes way to much time. The rewards are Not worth it at all, especially If you give those mods very cheap in some deals, wich Takes ages to get by playing.

QOL: get rid if that Skill Slider.
Hide friendship Missions, you dont want to See.
Have to scroll through hundreds of Missions in Not fun.

Social/guild: add a way, to trade Things with guild, maybe in a guildshop or something Like this.

Collections: i love them.

Challenges: they are Kind of fun, but i am Not Stretching for them, since the rewards are Not worth it.

Server 5, TL 143

  • What mode is your favorite? Why? My favorite would have to be friend campaign as I enjoy and imagine the voice of the heroes as they interact
  • What is your least favorite mode? Why? City watch. All I am getting are the same over power team and it frustrates me. How am I going to ready myself for red skill if the heroes I want to do are the worse at city watch
  • What “quality of life” improvement would be most meaningful to you? Quick fights. They make tedious grinds like invasion easy. Would like it if heist has one too.
  • What social or guild features would you most like to see added or improved? I would like to improve the guild aid to donate more than 1 time.
  • Do you want more collections? Yes
  • What do you think about challenges? Do they motivate you to play? Would you miss them if they were removed? The challenges are okay but I am not utilizing their shop.
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I like the Ports because the rewards are great and encouraging. I love it especially when both ports were opened.

Invasion. Because of those low rewards. I love it before the rewards were changed. Now I just play it to help the guild.

I love the hero level up upgrade. It’s really easy for me to upgrade my heroes 5 or 10 levels in just one button.

I want hero chips to be included in the Guild Aid.

YES! Like…who doesn’t want it?

I enjoy it when the images are attractive. Um…I’m half satisfied with it so I think it won’t affect me if it got removed.


I guess I really like Campaign, cuz of the story.

City Watch. It is not that I cannot win on easy or hard, but, it takes so much time. This is followed closely by Surge. I feel obligated to use all my heroes, which takes a long time, Even with a raid button.

I am not sure. I think you guys are doing a great job in the QoL improvement area. I would enjoy a nice improvement that could make City watch faster.

This is not mega for me, but I would love to have a report button marked like “online dating” or something because sometimes I wanna report someone for that. It may need to be broader than that though.

Absolutely! I love the collections!

Sometimes they do. If I see them as possible, then yes. This weeks charm and study…no I do not think I can get them to work out in the end, which is okay.

I like to see them every week to see if they are achievable within my play time, so yes I would miss them if they were gone.

Server: 8 (soon to be merged)
TL: 102

  1. Favorite game modes are War and Colisum because you get to come up with interesting combinations and fight other combinations players come up with.

  2. Least favorite mode is Invasion after tiers are complete. I would like there to be a way to acquire more mod power since there are so many mods

  3. For quality of life improvement I would like there to be an auto raid for friend missions so instead of diamonds you could spend stamina and raid tickets to start over your 20+ friend missions

  4. A guild social improvement would be being able to message applicants without adding them because they don’t always reply to your friend requests.

  5. Yes and no

  6. I love challenges, I was the second person on my server to complete all of them and I’m constantly keeping up with all of them. I would most definitely miss them.

Some input on the new Co-op contest
The points per activity feels too low because not everyone is on top of all of these activities and also not doing % on rankings seems to be hurting as well.
“I’m not usually top 200 anyways so why should I even waste my time and resources” seems to be the mentality people are in.

And at this rate I don’t think we will complete.

Edit: I’m adding that I’m from server 18, 110

I don’t know about most meaningful, but I’d like for there to be an option to turn off the slider for skill upgrades. I rarely have enough gold to justify mass skill upgrades, thus I prefer doing it one level at a time. That makes the double tap required to upgrade each skill useless and annoying to me. I’d appreciate it if this change happened.


What mode is your favorite? Why?

  • Story (and I wish there was a way to easily replay all the story including lines that appear for the one off nodes in story campaign), followed by arena, or at least arena back before Ducky kicked off the era of massively overpowered meta teams that made arena wall to wall the same.

What is your least favorite mode? Why?
Invasion just requires way too many clicks with no challenge or thought required, even after the autofight (which is a big improvement to be fair).

Heist takes way too long for little reward and still too prone to people going idle.

Current Arena and Colloseum suck due to Ducky, Jafar, now Randall etc.

What “quality of life” improvement would be most meaningful to you?

  • Rebalance so older heroes and even many newer heroes aren’t completely useless
  • Make invasion many fewer nodes (with matching increase in cost and rewards per node)

What social or guild features would you most like to see added or improved? - Guild contests that aren’t tuned so only big guilds can get prizes. Preferably still with solo progress prizes just guild overall prizes.

Do you want more collections? - Not really.

What do you think about challenges? Do they motivate you to play? Would you miss them if they were removed? - they can be fun. Depends on the challenge.

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