Game Performance Issues July 4

You dealing with these? I bought a stamina pack you got my money I didn’t get the stamina… common …


Make that 2 someone’s. And I had multiple boosts activated too!


Can you believe this!?

Has anyone else received a message like this? This is ridiculous!


Я не понимаю,что мне теперь делать?

[Здравствуйте, я оплатил покупку но до меня она так и не дошла,помогите пожалуйста](http://Здравствуйте, я оплатил покупку но до меня она так и не дошла,помогите пожалуйста)

@Polaris I’ve been trying to buy 2 deals for over 2 hours now. Every time I click buy I do all the stuff needed and i get nothing. Then I see my money gets refunded.

Support is not really helping as they say I got the items and I have not actually got then.


The 2 deals I was trying to buu

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@Polaris The compensation wasn’t adequate for this server issue.


Yeah…2 Stamina Refills Clap Clap Clap

My contest point is not omproving much even when I already consuming much energy and diamond. Gigle…

I also want To say that every time I open Disney heroes, it says I need to update The game and whenever I do that, it doesn’t let me update it. What can I do about this problem? Plz let me know as soon as possible


@Polaris, I know you are not customer service, but customer service isn’t serving me with my issue. I purchased diamonds and stamina which were credited to my account about the time the server problems happened on July 4. The diamond and stamina packs disappeared from my account while I waited out the connectivity problems. They disappeared before I had the chance to use them. I had 5 boosts activated at the time. Surely this is something that can be verified given the information I sent CS. Their response is unacceptable.

Please help!


I’m looking into the items and resources disappearing.


I am also having the same issue with the solos crates deal i purchased


It appears my CS ticket has been cancelled without response to my last post to it.

Your ticket is still open.

The team is looking into identifying what is missing and then we’ll get it returned to everyone. Thanks for being patient!

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Lost out on contest and double drops while your “looking into it”… now my invasion team is suffering due to not having been upgraded when I wanted to with the double drops and my stamina boost…

I have a problem, whenever I open Disney heroes in my kindle, it tells me I need to update The gams, but when I go to the app store in my kindle I have the same game server and I am unable to open up Disney heroes. This issue has been happening to me for more than a week and I am sick and tired of it . If there is any new server plz place it in the kindle app store so I cannot have any problems in opening Disney heroes, or just let me know.

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I can no longer view it on my Support page, but thank you for the information. I appreciate your help.

@Malifacent_V Have you tried shutting your device down for a couple hours?

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